Indoor soccer gear

Indoor Soccer Gear

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Indoor Soccer Gear – What equipment do you need for indoor soccer?

Indoor soccer gear is a lot similar to regular soccer gear in its simplicity. All you need is

The most important piece of indoor soccer equipment is your shoes. If you don’t have the right shoes, you cannot play any kind of soccer, indoors or outdoors. 

Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer shoes can be any shape on the top, as long as they have the correct outsoles. For the best traction on the indoor field, you need soft gum rubber outsoles. Patterned soles are fine, in fact they are preferred, but take care that the patterns are not deep enough to turn them into cleats. 

Indoor soccer shoes

Cleats are not suitable for indoor soccer. The projections that give cleats their excellent grip on a regular soccer field slip miserably on the flat surface of the indoor soccer field. They also damage the surface by leaving marks and can also tear up the thin carpet turf.

Best Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes

For a more detailed guide on how to decide the correct indoor soccer shoes for yourself, you can read our article What are indoor soccer shoes>>. 

Indoor Soccer Ball

Indoor soccer ball

The indoor soccer ball size is the same as an outdoor soccer ball. Standard size 5, 68-70 cm in circumference and weighing between 410 and 450 g. 

A soccer ball is made up of three layers of materials:

  • The outer layer: The professional indoor soccer ball is made of PU coated synthetic leather. A less professional material is PVC, which makes the ball quite durable.
  • The central padding: Which is made of cotton or polyester. The outer layer is stitched around this central lining.
  • The inner bladder: Which is made of rubber and holds the air in.

For inflating the ball there is a butyl valve.

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Shin Guards

With kicks flying all around, soccer players (indoor and outdoor) are always in danger of being mistaken for a ball and kicked in the shins 🙂. So, it is extremely important to protect your legs by wearing shin guards.

Indoor Soccer Formations–>

What do you wear for indoor soccer?

Other than injury from other players’ shoes, the biggest danger you face on the indoor soccer field is turf burns or court burns, although much of this is prevented by the almost universal ban on sliding. You can avoid this by wearing long socks.

Normally, indoor soccer apparel consists of a shirt and shorts in your team’s colors. 

Goalkeeper gear

Indoor soccer gloves

The goalkeeper may use a pair of  gloves to protect his hands and pants instead of shorts. The pants allow him to safely dive to prevent goals. Normally, he also wears a different colored shirt from his team members, to distinguish him from the other players.

That’s it! That’s all the gear you need to start playing indoor soccer. If you found this content helpful, you may want to check out our article on indoor soccer., or visit our blog!

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