Best Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes

5 Best Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes Reviewed for 2023

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5 Best Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes 2023

Nike has been ruling the sports gear scene for the last few decades. One of the reasons we love shopping at Nike is their huge range of products fulfilling requirements across nearly all sports genres. They have three different brand options, Phantom, Mercurial, and Tiempo for the indoor soccer players.

To make it easier for you to choose, we decided to review 5 of the best Nike indoor soccer shoes and you can read our comments below. There were several finalists in our testing, but since we had to choose one shoe to trump them all, we chose Nike Mercurial Superfly VI for Indoor courts.

This shoe combines a comfy yet foot-hugging interior, a thin yet durable upper, and a lightly cushioned, bouncy sole. The synthetic leather exterior is lined with the classic Nike mesh interior. Rubber outsole, with multidirectional traction made it easy to change directions quickly on the field. We specially love the subtle design on the upper as it also improves touch on the ball.

But there are many Nike indoor soccer shoes to choose from so do continue reading below to find your favorite shoe. For your convenience, the features have been summarized in the table below.

Nike React Phantom VisionNike Tiempo Legend VIII AcademyNike Mercurial Superfly 8 ICNike Lunar Gato IINike Mercurial Superfly VI
Nike Lunar Gato II IC - side
Upper materialMesh + Synthetic leatherCalfskin Synthetic meshMesh + Synthetic leather + RubberMesh + Synthetic Leather
Sole materialRubber RubberRubber RubberRubber
Best surfaceConcrete Indoor courtIndoor courtIndoor courtIndoor court
Weight7.4 oz9.2 oz7.2 oz8.6 oz7.2 oz
Heel cushion🗸🗸🗸🗸Minimal
Ankle support
LacesInvisible, short🗸🗸🗸🗸
Wide/narrowNormal to wideWider feetNormal to wideWider feetNarrow

If you’d like to know more about how to choose the best indoor soccer shoe, you can read up here.

Nike React Phantom Vision

Nike React Phantom Vision is a comfortable, well fitting shoe featuring several of Nike’s trademark techs, NikeSkin, Flyknit, and Ghost laces.

It is extremely lightweight, weighing around half a pound, which is a huge advantage for indoor players. The shape is comfy, not too narrow and suitable for most people.

The upper is made of Mesh and Nike skin, with textured toe box and and sides. The upper actually has two layers. The top layer is super thin with mesh down the middle and covered by Nike skin. Nike Skin is a soft, thin synthetic leather layer. It molds easily to the foot and requires very little breaking in time. 

The inner layer has the Ghost lacing, which is a nice way of hiding the laces. You can have the fit of a lace-up shoe with the elegant appearance of a lace-less one. However, do note that the lacing system is smaller than other shoes and the fit may not be perfect.

There is a sock collar made of soft Flyknit. It does not offer any ankle support.

Nike React Phantom Vision - side

The toe-box and sides have a rougher patch which adds durability to these quickly wearing areas. The toe box and sides also have added rubber protection in the outsole.

Nike React Phantom Vision - sole

One of the best features of the Nike Phantom Vision is the padded sole. The React foam is super light, yet cushiony and bouncy. It will protect your foot on the hazard indoor surfaces where there aren’t any soft landings.

The sole patterns have the best grip on concrete. On astroturf, though, you will have to regularly clean out the build-up in the grip patterns to get back the required traction. The rubber soles are quite durable and will last a long time.

All, in all, it has some really useful features and can be a nice addition to your Nike indoor soccer shoe collection.

Innovative Ghost laces design

The Nike Tiempo Legend VIII IC 

Nike Tiempo Legend VIII

The Nike Tiempo Legend VIII for indoor courts exceeds its predecessor (Tiempo Legend VII) in several ways. They are more comfortable, use better materials, and provide a far better foot grip. 

The upper is made of calfskin leather. It is soft and pliable, and thin enough to give a clean touch on the ball. It also takes only 1 or 2 sessions to break in and fit perfectly to your foot.

Nike Tiempo Legend VIII - side

However, unlike previous leather shoes where most of the shoe would be made of natural leather, this shoe only has a leather exterior. Inside the calfskin leather, there is Nike Flyknit. The flyknit mesh does grip your foot in the most snug, tight hold. There is no danger of our foot slipping around inside or the insides becoming loose after several sessions. The mesh held true even after 6 months of play, so we know that it is quite durable.

The addition of a layer between foot and upper does not detract at all from the touch on the ball. We found our ball control to be good as ever even with the mesh in between.

There is Nike React foam in the heel, thin enough to keep to the shoe light while providing some comfort to the heels.

Nike Tiempo Legend VIII - sole

The grip patterns are perfect for indoor courts. They are great for running or taking sudden turns, because of the multidirectional traction in the sole. Combined with the well fitting interior and the grippy outsole, this shoe performed excellently while playing indoors.

Price wise, it falls in the beginner to mid-player range.

Natural leatherExpensive
Comfortable fitThin cushioning
Narrow design

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 IC

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 for indoor courts follows the Nike tradition of a well constructed sports shoe. It is comfortable and sturdy, with traditional yet stylish looks.

The upper is made of synthetic leather with a textured surface. We found the rough surface to be really good for ball control. The seamless finish also increased dribbling efficiency, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. As is common in sports shoes these days, the upper is made of breathable mesh. 

Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 IC - side

One of the reasons Nike fans love Nike shoes, is their snug fit, which is due to the seamless inner lining that hugs your foot. The lining is tight-fitted and molded close to the feet. It was in fact too tight at the start but felt more comfortable after two or three games. The sock collar not only makes your feet feel secure, it also makes the shoe feel less low cut.

You can further adjust the fitting through the lacing system.

Some padding in the sole, a reinforced toe box, and patterned outsoles that give multidirectional traction, and you have another Nike hit in the indoor soccer shoe line. The Superfly range uses the Nike Aerotrak in the sole plate, the reason why these shoes have an excellent grip while running on indoor courts.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 IC - sole

These are also very light weight shoes, weighing around 203-205g, typical for indoor soccer shoes.

Of all the Nike indoor soccer shoes, these showed the least wear and tear, so if you’re looking for something to last you a long time, the Nike Mercurial Superfly is a good choice. 

Good ball controlNarrow desgin
Good tractionLess cushioning

Nike Lunar Gato II IC

Another great pair of indoor soccer shoes by Nike using innovative tech to improve durability and ball control, is the Nike Lunar Gato II. Nike is great for combining materials to make different parts of the shoe perform their functions. 

Nike Lunar Gato II

Nike Lunar Gato II also has a lot going on in terms of material. Starting with the upper, we have synthetic leather, mesh, and rubber all beautifully brought together to give the perfect, breathable fit, and durable  quality. 

Nike Lunar Gato II - Side

The leather covers the top middle part of the shoe, so that you can always have a nice touch on the ball. Back panels on the side include mesh integrated with the leather. The front has a rough grind rubber finish. The entire upper is lined with a mesh interior that fits around the foot.

Nike Lunar Gato II - Sole

There is Lunalon foam for cushioning in the midsole. The foam is soft but does not make the foot sink in. It is really light, though not as light or bouncy as the Nike React foam.

The bottom has grippy tread patterns that kept us stable while cutting and running, even when changing direction mid-turn. 

The only downsides we felt was that the shoe felt wider than other shoes of the same size, especially in the heel area. The shoe is slightly heavier than other Nike shoes but only by around an ounce.

Good tractionHeavier than average
Can fit wider feet

Nike Mercurial Superfly

One of our personal favorites from the numerous Nike indoor soccer shoe varieties, this shoe is built for speed. The glove-like firm fit combined with the 3D traction provided in the outsole ensures that you can make lightning turns – exactly what we want in an indoor soccer shoe.

We are huge fans of the Mercurial SuperFly. Nike uses the same tried and trusted technologies here as in its other hit shoes. Let’s break it down and see what makes up the insides here.

The upper is made of soft synthetic leather, in combo with mesh. The overall effect is of a nice, sensitive touch while still letting the foot breathe. The textured surface of the upper helps increase ball control. 

Nike Mecurial Superfly 6 - front

The shape is slightly contoured, and we felt that this gives more of a molded fit. 

There is also the Dynamic fit sock collar, which wraps snuggly around the ankle to add to the comfort of the wearer.

Lockdown can be maximized through the lacing system running down the middle of the shoe.

There is a bare minimum insole to cushion the foot but the foam is springy and adds minimal protection.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 6  - sole

The outsole is rubber, featuring a unique pattern of straight and curved lines, ensuring maximum grip during fast play. 

The overall aesthetics of the shoe are quite satisfying. We love the simple smartness of the design.

Sleek designMinimal cushioning
Good ball control
Good traction

Nike Indoor soccer shoes come from a great line of professional sports shoes and a lot goes into the design to make sure that the best playing performance is achieved by the wearer. But, keep in mind that while playing, comfort and quality always trump looks and aesthetics. Always try on the shoe a few times before deciding whether to keep it replace it. If you are unsure how to choose a shoe, read our detailed buyer’s guide here.

If you found this review of Nike indoor soccer shoes helpful, drop us a line in the comments and let us know!

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