Diadora Capitano ID Review

Diadora Capitano ID Review

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Diadora Capitano ID Review for 2023

Among the tons of options available nowadays, it is sometimes a tough call to choose one that checks all our boxes. While we would never suggest a compromise on equipment, sometimes it is not possible to spend a lot. This is why today we are reviewing Diadora Capitano ID, one of the best indoor soccer shoes in the market that are also very reasonably priced.

Diadora Capitano ID is one of the most comfortable shoes to wear while playing indoor soccer. It is well padded top and bottom, has nice soles that stick well to the indoor floor and are made of reasonably durable materials. The best thing is that they also have special women’s version as well as a kids’ version.

Diadora Women’s Capitano ID is one the few indoor soccer shoes specifically made to fit women’s feet. Most other brands make do with unisex shoes. Similarly the Diadora Cattura ID JR is tailored to fit kids/youth. Diadora Capitano ID, is therefore, one of the best options for men, women, and kids in indoor soccer shoes.

Diadora Capitano ID Review

Diadora Capitano ID
8/10 Our Score


  • Upper: Synthetic Leather + cotton interior
  • Midsole: EVA
  • Insole: EVA, Fixed
  • Outsole: Gum rubber
  • Fit: Normal to wide
  • Weight: 12 oz
  • Closure: Lace up

Comfortable and affrodable indoor soccer shoes for men, women, and children. Built with synthetic leather, with a cotton-lined interior and fitted with a fixed EVA insole, the Diadora Capitano ID is best suited for people looking for max cushioning.


The uppers in these shoes are made of polyurethane (PU) leather, a type pf synthetic leather which is soft and durable. The upper is thinly padded with stitched lines all over. Shoes that have these stitches show better ball control compared to smooth topped ones.

The toe box relies on the sturdiness of the PU as there is no extra protective layer over it.

Diadora Capitano ID is padded all over and in this regard it is a very comfy shoe. The tongue and collar are also both padded. The tongue being thin and short does not provide much protection and because of the overall padding in the upper, the tongue does not really need to be too thick. Instead it performs the simple but important function of stabilizing the lacing and providing a layer between the laces and the foot.

However, comfort in indoor soccer shoes also comes from the flexibility of the materials, and these shoes are quite stiff, specially at the start. They do soften up somewhat after a few hours of play though, so it’s more like a breaking in process is needed here.

Laces are long and the eyelets are placed close so you can adjust the fit according to your comfort.

The one problem we faced when in the field with this shoe was that being made of PU, the upper wasn’t breathable. Your feet will cook a bit inside, so be sure to air these out thoroughly after every use to make sure they last longer.

Insole + Midsole

Speaking of comfort, there is a fixed insole to provide cushioning and cotton lined interior that fits snugly around the foot. Breathable cotton is the best lining for sports shoes, being at once comfortable and supportive. In this case, the material is mesh.

Midsole is thick, made from a well built EVA foam, another reason why these shoes are so comfortable.


Diadora Capitano ID - sole

The outsole is gum rubber, quite durable and sturdy. Circular patterns, crisscrossing lines, and the zigzag pattern all combine together in the sole to make it nice and grippy. Circular patterns on the outer edge enhance lateral stability, while the zigzag patterns ensure that it has a good grip on the indoor floor. Crisscrossing lines are placed to increase flexibility. The pivot point adds to the overall performance by making turns smoother.


Diadora Capitano ID are more suited to people with wider feet, but remember that these shoes stretch quite a bit so keep that in mind while sizing. The women’s version is shaped slightly differently, with narrower heels.


Weight-wise, they are on the heavier side of indoor soccer shoes. (All that padding was going to cost you something :)), and yet they are almost the same weight as the Adidas Sambas. There are many options which are far lighter than the 12oz Diadora Capitano, but this also means that these shoes are a good deal more comfortable to wear. The padding is very useful for women who need extra cushioning in the heels to avoid stress to their knees.


Although this is the least important aspect of sports shoes in general, who does’nt want to shine on the field? Diadora Capitano ID has a simple design with the trademark wings on the sides and collar, and the name across the heel and tongue. They come in three different color options and you can choose to go with bright or muted colors.


They ar not the cheapest, but fall in the very affordable mid to low price range.

Diadora Capitano ID Review – Our Take

In our opinion, Diadora is the best balance between affordability and value. The most important thing to look for in indoor soccer shoes is the traction, and the soles on these shoes will grip the indoor floor firmly. In addition they are snug as well as light-weight. Just don’t expect them to last years! Here are the pros and cons summarised for you:

  • Well cushioned
  • Light-weight
  • Separate designs for men, women, and kids
  • Affordable price
  • Initially stiff – need breaking in
  • Less durable

If you’re still figuring out which shoes to buy, here’s a little guide to help you understand indoor soccer shoes a little better. You can also check out our top choices for indoor soccer shoes. Let us know if you found our review helpful by dropping a comment below!

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