Best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet
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5 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet in 2023

Most shoes made for indoor soccer follow the same sizes as regular soccer but players with wider than average feet can have fitting problems.

Although there are fewer varieties of indoor soccer shoes compared to regular soccer, there is still a wide enough pool to choose from for people with divergent foot sizes. We personally tested some options and also used the experiences of other buyers to choose 5 of the best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet to share with all our wide-footed audience. If you are more interested in regular indoor soccer shoes , you can read all about them here.

What Is A Good Indoor Soccer Shoe For Wide Feet

Not surprisingly, the best option for wider feet is the same as our all-time best indoor soccer shoe – the Adidas Samba. The wide design, the long lacing system and removable insoles really help adjust the shoe for any feet. 

One of the best materials to consider when looking for wide fit indoor soccer shoes is to look for natural leather shoes. Natural leather is more flexible than synthetic leather or mesh and stretches out with use. It has more chances of fitting according to your foot. If they feel a bit tight, we suggest that you give them some time to break in. Often the natural leather will conform to your foot over time.

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Let’s take a look at all the best options of indoor soccer shoes for wide feet:

Kelme Star 360 (Best traction)

The Kelme Star 360 showcases an interesting pairing – between a sports shoes and a tire company! Kelme teamed up with Michelin to produce a blend of leather, mesh and rubber outsoles and we must say that the resulting shoe has really impressed us.

For starters, Michelin really knows what they are doing in terms of making grippy rubber bottoms. The Kelme Star 360 sticks perfectly to indoor surfaces and is the most non-slip shoe we know of for intense cutting and turning. The Michelin sole is definitely the star of this shoe. The sole is built for stability around the full 360 degrees, excellent for the type of maneuvering needed on the indoor soccer field.

Kelme Micelin Star - sole
Kelme Micelin Star – the grippiest sole!

The best thing about these shoes is that the design is broad and built for wide feet. In fact, even for wide feet, we would suggest going down at least ½ a size as these shoes run huge.

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There is a thin cushion in the soles so the shoes are reasonably comfortable for hour long games. There is padding in the top so that gives you a little more protection but it also reduces your sensitivity to the ball so your kicks might not be as refined.

There is a lacing system to fine tune the fitting but you might find that the holes in the lacing could be a little closer.

Kelme Micelin Star - top

The rest of the shoe does not hold up as well as the sole although we find that it is good enough for the price. The materials and stitching are not meant to last long especially if used heavily. If your use is an hour or two a week then these are perfect for you as you won’t need to spend a big amount.

Excellent tractionMinimal cushioning
Reasonably pricedLess durable

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 (Best for pros)

Nike Tiempo Legend - side

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 IC is one of our favorite options for indoor soccer players in general but for players with wide feet this is one of the best among quality shoes. Indoor soccer shoes by Nike last longer and are far more sturdy than most other shoes.

 The upper is made of calf-skin leather, soft and pliable. The leather means these shoes take very little time to break in and the shoe fits perfectly around the foot. The natural leather material is good for players with broader feet because it is more stretchable. For then, it may feel more constrictive in the beginning but will loosen up with use.

Nike Tiempo - sole

The upper is a mix of synthetic mesh at the back and natural leather at the front and top. The thin calfskin makes the shoe good for precise kicking and good ball control. The mesh in the back and the inner lining makes the shoe breathable.

There are thin EVA insoles to provide some cushioning in the heels. It’s enough to provide some bounce to your feet without adding too much thickness.

Grip patterns in the gum rubber outsole provide good traction while making quick moves.

All in all the Nike Tiempo Legend 8 lives up to its name and is an excellent option for both pros and mid-level players (with or without wide feet 🙂), because professional players tend to wear out their shoes faster and the Nike Tiempo Legend uses high quality, durable materials throughout the shoe. Learn more about professional indoor soccer.

Natural leatherThin midsole
Excellent fit
Very good ball control

Adidas Mundial Goal (Best overall)

Adidas Mundial Upper

The Adidas Mundial Goal definitely upholds the Adidas reputation for accommodating wide feet. This is the same shoe that we previously knew as the Adidas Copa Indoor. Just like the Copa Indoor was good for wide feet, the Mundial Goal fulfills the same promise.

The upper is made of kangaroo leather so it’s soft and flexible, and is the best option for wide feet because the leather adjusts to the foot shape over time. The toe-box is split-leather, so we have a nice slightly rough texture for good ball control. The top is thin enough to maintain touch sensitivity for the ball.

The inner lining is synthetic mesh – breathable and soft. The tongue is long and extends well over the foot, adding protection. The lacing points are nice and close and offer further means for fit adjustment.

Adidas Sole

The EVA insole is thin, and does not offer much comfort. The outsoles are gum rubber, with a good grip for indoor surfaces. The soft gum rubber ensures that the indoor playing surfaces are not damaged.

Natural leatherExpensive
Excellent ball control
Good cushioning

Senda Ushuaia Pro 2.0 (Most Promising New Brand)

This relatively new shoe brand has nevertheless impressed us so much that we could not complete our list of wide width indoor soccer shoes without mentioning the Senda Ushuaia. These shoes are designed perfectly for small-sided soccer players. Let’s dig deep into how.

The upper is made up of a combination of synthetic leather, mesh and microfiber. The synthetic leather is soft and flexible. The mesh allows the feet to breathe and the microfiber layer over the toes is there to increase ball control and allow precise kicks.

There is a reasonable amount of cushioning in the midsole, light enough that there seems to be no added weight. The tongue extends a little over the foot to offer protection.

The outsole is non marking gum rubber. There are pivot zones on the sides to ensure stability of movement, so that players can turn in any direction without disbalancing during play. There are also special channels in the sole to allow the shoes to bend. The result was that these shoes are effortlessly flexible.

We also loved the graceful, muted aesthetics. The only thing doubtful is the durability. These shoes may last less than our sturdy Sambas or the Tiempo.

Sleek designLess durability
Good traction
Good cushioning

Joma Top Flex Indoor (Most Comfortable)

Most indoor soccer players know that Joma are great for making specialized shoes for indoor soccer and futsal. Joma Top Flex is aesthetically beautiful with all the functional requirements needed to make the perfect indoor soccer shoe.

The upper is made of leather, flexible and with the ability to mold to the foot. It is thin on the top so you can have a good touch on the ball. What made us very happy was to discover that the toe box is reinforced with a plastic material. This significantly reduces the wear in that area which is always a concern while playing indoor soccer.

Joma top flex - upper

In addition to the durable toe area, we loved the added cushion in the sole making Joma Top flex more comfortable than other shoes. The added padding does not add any extra weight and the shoe is still a very reasonable 9.4oz.

The outsole is gum rubber with patterns for excellent traction. Next to the Kelme Star 360, we found this to have the best grip.

Joma top flex - sole

This is another shoe with all-over good points, durability, flexibility, comfort. Even the price is reasonable! We would definitely recommend this for mid-level to professional players.


Finding a good shoe online requires a lot of research and even experimentation. If you’re worried about the fit of the shoe, it is always a good idea to narrow down your choices online and then try them on in a store before purchasing them. And is you choose to buy online, always look for refundable or exchangeable options.

For more information about what to look for in a good shoe, read our guide about What are indoor soccer shoes?

We hope you found this content useful. If you liked it, please let us know in the comments below!

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