Best Indoor Soccer Shoes 2023

Top 5 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes in 2023

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Shoes are the most important piece of equipment for any indoor or outdoor soccer player, and if you’re dithering over your shoes, unable to decide which are the right ones for you, read our take on the best indoor soccer shoes. Here we review the most popular indoor soccer shoes based on material, design, durability, and performance. Our reviews are based on our own testing as well as honest reviews from genuine buyers, and our aim is to help you make an educated decision that will aid you in the long run.

In this article, we review the best unisex or the best indoor soccer shoes for men. We also review women’s indoor soccer shoes, as well as kids’ indoor soccer shoes in a separate article, so do check those out too.

Which are the Best Indoor Soccer Shoes?

Which are the best indoor soccer cleats in our opinion? Hands down it is the Adidas Samba Classic! Everything about the shoe is the epitome of balance between function, durability, style, and comfort.

But there are others which are just as good and gave us second and even third thoughts. The runners up for the best indoor soccer shoe, in our opinion, are the Diadora Capitano and Joma Top Flex both equally superb in terms of materials, design, and not to mention, looks.

Here’s a rundown of our selected favorites in indoor soccer shoes. We will be discussing these in detail later, but you can get an overview in the table below:


adidas Samba Classic

adidas Samba Classic

Full grain kangaroo leather

EVA foam

EVA foam

Gum Rubber


~11 oz



Diadora Capitano ID

Diadora Capitano ID

Synthetic material

EVA foam

EVA foam

Gum Rubber

Normal to wide

~12 oz



adidas Predator Edge.4 Indoor

adidas Predator Edge.4 Indoor Sala

Synthetic mesh

EVA foam

EVA foam

Gum Rubber

Normal to narrow

~9.5 oz



Joma Top Flex

Joma Top Flex Indoor

Synthetic leather


EVA foam (fixed)

Synthetic Rubber

Normal to wide

~10 oz



New Balance Audazo V4 Pro

New Balance Men's Audazo V4 Pro

Synthetic mesh

REVlite foam

EVA foam

Gum Rubber

Normal to narrow

~10.3 oz


To know more details of the pros and cons of each shoe, please read on below.

Adidas Samba Classic (Our Choice)

One of the most popular indoor soccer shoes and with good reason. With Adidas Samba Classic, you get the best materials and design at an affordable price.

The upper, made of natural full grain leather and suede, fits perfectly around your foot in almost no time. The outsole is made of gum rubber, ideal for providing the best traction on an indoor soccer field. 

Adidas Samba Classic - outsole

A new feature is the addition of arch supports (easily removable), which is great for flat footed players but not so great for others. The good news is that the arch supports are easily removable! The midsole is embossed EVA and gives reasonable comfort to the heel.

The only issue might be for people with wider feet, as the Samba Classic is of classical shape and runs narrow in the toes. 

  • Natural leather upper (comfortable fit)
  • Gum rubber sole (best traction)
  • Slight heel support
  • Great ball control
  • Narrow fit
  • Uncomfortable arch support

You can check out the detailed Adidas Samba Classic Review here.

Diadora Capitano ID (Best Value)

Though not as popular as the Adidas or Nike shoes, Didadora has made a name for itself in the sports shoe market. Their shoes fall in the mid-price range and hold up reasonably well even with frequent use.

The fit of the Diadora Capitano ID is more comfortable for slightly wider feet, although with carefully adjusted lacing, it can be worn by narrow-footed players too.

Weight-wise, they fall in the heavier category but are by no means too  heavy to cause huge issues on the field. 

The best thing about Diadora ID is its great grip of the slip-free, gum rubber sole. There is no chance of sliding as the shoe stays firmly in place even on dusty courts. Additional durability is ensured because the outsole is abrasion resistant.

Diadora Capitano - sole

Due to the synthetic leather used in the upper, they take some time to break in, so make sure that you stretch them out during practice before using them in an important game.

There is EVA foam in the mid-sole, but if you have heel issues, you may have to add insoles.

The unique contours allow better ball control but some of that may be lost in the padding around the shoe.

Not sure yet? Check out our in-depth review of the Diadora Capitano ID.

  • Great traction
  • Adjustable fit
  • Good value
  • Heavier than others
  • Require breaking in

adidas Predator Edge.4 Indoor Sala (Coolest Design)

Something about adidas sparks confidence. It is one of our favorite brands and although we are not fond of every model they make, a lot of them do end up in our reviews because of their overall popularity. Brand-wise, they are one of the best indoor soccer shoes in 2023. So here’s another adidas indoor soccer shoe, the adidas Edge.4 Indoor Sala.

the adidas Predator Edge.4 indoor sala has good traction and is durable, two of the most important qualities of an indoor soccer shoe checked right there. The outsole has a great grip pattern on the non-marking gum rubber sole. The triangular indents are superb for sticking to the smooth indoor surface.

Midsole and insole of these shoes are made of EVA. The midsole is, as is common in indoor soccer shoes, not very thick, so the landings are barely cushioned but it does provide some support to the heel. It is quite responsive and helps the foot spring back more easily.

Insoles are removable, so you can always choose how much support you need for your arches.

Uppers of the Edge.4 are made of a mix of synthetic materials and mesh. Mesh is one of the best options for synthetic uppers as it provides much needed breathability to your hard-working, and sweaty feet. The good thing is that the mesh is only in the side panels, so the top which sees more rough use is made of durable synthetics, and the sides provide the ventilation. A good design that makes the shoes more comfortable in long games.

There is even additional reinforcement in the form of a suede layer around the toebox, as well as a heel counter. And finally, there are the tiny lines all over the textured top for increasing ball control.

These shoes are a bit narrow so may not fit as well for people with wide feet.

The design is unique and sparks interest despite ourselves… I mean, how many shoes have you seen with the lacing closure on the side of the upper? It is a fun divergence from the norm. However, it was also unexpected to “feel” less on one side as compared to normal shoes where you feel the ball less on the front (where the lace box is)

The weight falls somewhere around 9.5 oz, a bit on the heavier side.

  • Breathable upper
  • Has heel support
  • Good traction
  • Durable
  • Synthetic upper (Less sensitive than natural leather)
  • Narrower fit
  • Less comfortable

Joma Top Flex Indoor Soccer Shoe (Most Flexible)

Joma Top Flex Indoor Soccer Shoe has one of the best ranges of motion while running on hard, flat floors. When they say flex, they mean flex. These shoes have a highly flexible sole that easily bends when running around. It is easily one of the best features of Joma Top Flex.

The gum rubber outsoles have different tread patterns, arranged in sections around the sole. Whether it’s because of the arrangement of these patterns, or the lines that cut through them around the top of the sole, these shoes have a very good grip on smooth surfaces and make it easy to take running turns.

Midsoles are molded phylon, a type of EVA that is denser and more comfortable. It has better shock absorption, better bounce, and is a little more durable than the average EVA foam.

Insoles are removable EVA.

Uppers of Joma Top Flex are made of soft and highly flexible synthetic leather. They have stitched lines to increase ball control and a suede layer over the toe box for increased resistance to wear and tear. The toe box also has perforations to simulate mesh for breathability; very useful for any soccer shoe.

The padded collar and tongue are made of mesh. We generally prefer the tongues to be thin, and the tongue on this shoe is thin enough despite its padding.

The Joma Top Flex indoor soccer shoe fits true to size. It has a wide last, which means that it is suitable for players with wider feet.

These are relatively lightweight shoes weighing approximately 10 oz.

The synthetic upper and rubber outsole both seem quite durable, and should hold up well even with regular use on indoor surfaces.

If you’re looking for an indoor soccer shoe that provides flexibility and durability, the Joma Top Flex Indoor Soccer Shoe is definitely worth considering. The range of motion in the soles is exceptional and the shoes are sturdy and well built.

  • Very flexible in the upper AND the sole
  • Normal to wide fit
  • SUper comfortable for indoor soccer shoes
  • Durable
  • Upper price range
  • Heavier than average

New Balance Men’s Audazo V4 Pro (Most Comfortable)

One of the most comfortable indoor soccer shoes in the market, and we all know how rare those are. Comfort and soccer shoes just don’t see eye to eye. We are not saying indoor soccer shoes are especially uncomfortable, but comfort is generally sacrificed for functionality, and for keeping the shoe light. So these shoes were a rare treat to try out.

The outsole pattern gives good traction on the ground. Cutting and running feels safe as the grip patterns are sticky.

The midsole is full-length foam(part of the reason for the extra comfort), made of REVlite, a special type of EVA developed by New Balance. This foam is springy, soft, and light so ideal for use in indoor soccer shoes. The responsiveness in these shoes was amazing because of the REVlite.

Insoles are removable EVA.

Uppers are synthetic leather, a little stiffer than we are used to but that mellowed out after a few uses. The top is perforated like the Joma, but with more breathable area. The tongue is very lightly padded mesh.

Toe-box is reinforced with suede and the heel counter with extra layers. The heel counter reinforcement, we felt could be softened a bit as they made the back of the shoes stiffer.

The New Balance Audazo V4 Pro fit wider in the toes and snug in the heels. A word of caution here. A lot of people buy these shoes expecting them to fit like the running shoes New Balance is better known for. These will not fit like other shoes, because soccer shoes (indoor or outdoor) are made to fit tight and snug around the feet, in contrast to say running shoes, which are more roomy. The fit loosens a little after a few uses but they are supposed to fit like a second skin.

Weight is around 10.5 oz, slightly heavier but not surprising given the full-length midsole.

The shoe is lightweight, breathable, and supportive, and we love the way they feel on our feet.

  • Very comfortable with good sole cushioning
  • Breathable
  • Normal to wide fit
  • Mid-price range
  • Stiffer in the sole and upper
  • Slightly heavier

What Soccer Shoes Are Best for Indoor Soccer

When choosing the best shoe for indoor soccer, keep in mind the skills you need while playing. Swiftness and agility are the top requirements, so choose a shoe that gives you these in addition to comfortable fit. 

Lastly, remember that the type of surface you will be playing on is either thin turf artificial flooring. Your shoe must be capable of sticking to either of these.

Let’s break down our indoor soccer shoe and see what we need to be looking for.


The sole of the shoe helps in protecting the heel against shock from hard landings, in addition to stabilising the player by anchoring them more firmly to the ground. The correct outsole is crucial in preventing injuries and providing support to the players.

There are quite a few options to consider when shopping for indoor soccer shoes. The outsoles are made of rubber that can be synthetic or gum rubber.

Synthetic rubber is more durable than gum rubber and lasts longer


Gum rubber is more suited to indoor rubber or hardwood floors because they provide more traction. Plus, they are a little bit more comfortable.  However, gum rubber soles also tend to wear out more quickly, so as with all things, we should keep in mind whether we need to go for durability or agility. 


The upper part of the shoe also has a wide material range. In fact more options are available for the uppers than there are for soles.

The first thing to consider is the type of leather that turns a good indoor soccer shoe into the best indoor soccer shoe.

Synthetic leather: Nearly all top sports brands use both synthetic and natural leather in their sports shoes. Synthetic leather is cheaper, and lasts longer than natural leather. Shoes made with synthetic leather are waterproof. They can endure variable weather conditions better than shoes made of natural leather. 

Synthetic materials are cheaper than any natural leather and are the best choice for entry-level or mid-level players. 

Natural leather: When it comes to comfort and fit, there is nothing better than natural leather. Natural leather just molds to the foot so much better especially once the shoe has been broken in. Also, it allows the foot to “breathe” more.

Common natural leather materials used in indoor soccer shoes are kangaroo, calfskin, or full grain.  

  • Kangaroo leather: Kangaroo leather is soft and pliable and moulds to the foot immediately. It is not water resistant though, and can absorb moisture quickly while playing in wet conditions.
  • Calfskin or Full-grain leather: Also a pretty soft leather, but it does require breaking in. It is comfortable and gives almost the same ball control as kangaroo leather. Like all natural leather shoes, these are also not waterproof.

The good thing about calfskin or full grain leather shoes is that they are cheaper than kangaroo leather. 

Heel support

Heel support usually comes in the form of cushioning in the insole. Brands have come up with a variety of ways to provide ideal heel support. However, indoor soccer shoes often lack this feature as only a bare minimum cushion is present. The reason is that indoor soccer games are extremely fast-paced, and maximum agility and ball control are the most prized features of an indoor soccer player’s shoes. Having too much heel support makes the shoe heavier, making the player slower. 

Ankle support

More brands are providing better ankle support in indoor soccer shoes as compared to before, but shoes with good ankle support are in less variety.

Ball control

Part of an indoor soccer shoe design is to ensure that the player gets a good feel of the ball. Using natural leather helps achieve this goal, along with thinner uppers. Look for less cushioning in the shoe upper for better ball control.


Another important feature to consider is how the shoe grips your foot. You can go for straps or simple pull-ons, but the best adjustable grip comes from laces.


Indoor soccer shoes are necessarily light-weight. You want to use a shoe that does not weigh you down too much and allows you to do short sprints and make quick turns.


Before you go shoe shopping, set your budget. Take into consideration things like 

  • your playing level (beginner, mid-level, or pro)
  • How much you are willing to spend
  • How often you will be playing (of you are playing frequently, you may want to invest in a more durable shoe)
  • How important is your foot comfort (shoes with heel or ankle support are higher priced)

To help you understand what kind of shoes we need for our game, head here.

If you enjoyed reading our views, please leave a comment below.

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